About Us

 Setting the standard for exercise mats worldwide.
Invented and innovated by S36. Imitated, but never duplicated.
We believe that a home-based exercise regime is extremely important to a person’s health and well-being, so we’ve done our best to ensure that that experience is optimized. That’s why we invented the world’s first oversize yoga mat back in 2010. This first generation mat was better than everything else on the market, but there was still room for improvement. That’s why after several iterations and tries, we invented a material that could be used with shoes - the Cardio Mat - which has completely revolutionized the entire exercise mat market.

We continue to innovate to create the best quality products we can make. Integrity, innovation and excellence are our core values and we do our best to express these values in everything we do from manufacturing, to delivery, to customer service. Every time you come in contact with our brand we want it to be a pleasant and uplifting experience.  Thank you for your interest in our products and our company, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.