Yoga Vs. Weight Training

Why do most people work out? To build muscle strength, improve flexibility, boost the immune, or get the lean, fit appearance they've always wanted. These goals are very appealing, but what works better for achieving them - yoga or weight training? Both are immensely popular exercises, highly recommended by fitness gurus, and have many benefits. However, the answer is not so easy to find when determining which one is best. So let's break down both workouts and see what each has to offer.

Muscle Building

Both yoga and weight training are excellent for building muscle strength, size, tone, and endurance. However, yoga only increases the lean muscle mass in the body, and you can't gain muscles after a certain limit. Whereas weightlifting increases the bone density and muscle bulk so if you want those flashy 6-pack abs, weightlifting is the clear winner.

weight training


Yoga has been proven to increase range of motion, reduce muscle tension, and decrease the risk of injury. Holding poses for a long time, as is required in some parts of yoga, improves muscle elasticity, allowing them to stretch better.

Weight training, on the other hand, is a targeted approach; it only increases the flexibility in the joints used during exercise and doesn't provide any benefits to other parts of your body. It also helps correct posture if done with the guidance of a professional. Yoga takes the win here.

Balance & Coordination

Yoga is a great way to improve overall balance and coordination. In addition, yoga may improve the strength of your core which provides a solid foundation for your balance and coordination. Strength training is a little less target-oriented, but it does increase the overall strength of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This one is a close tie.

Mobility for Older Adults

Weightlifting can actually reduce mobility in older adults due to increased joint pain and reduced range of motion. 

Yoga has improved balance, coordination, and lower-body strength in older adults. Simple yoga poses on a big exercise mat can help reduce falls and enhance daily functional activities in the elderly. Yoga is a win here for sure.

Calorie Deficit

Contrary to popular belief, advanced yoga is an excellent form of cardio. It burns calories just like traditional exercises like cycling or running. It also helps to improve heart health and lower blood pressure. Weightlifting does the same too, but it takes much less time than spending an hour on a large exercise mat. So, weightlifting is the winner in this category.

Mind-Body Awareness

Yoga is a great way to connect your mind and body. It can improve mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It can also increase self-awareness and help you become more in tune with your body. Weight training does not offer any of these benefits.

Final Thoughts

While yoga alone does not provide the calorie deficit and muscle bulk that weight training gives. Weight training doesn't provide the same flexibility, balance, or coordination advantages as yoga. In the end, it depends on what you are looking for in a workout. We recommend combining the two for a well-rounded routine and the best possible results.