The Best Easy Mat Exercises We Can Do While Injured

Injuries and Some Common Misconceptions

Injuries are troublesome. They can also be a pain in the utmost literal way. All it takes is one family ski trip or a clumsy movement lifting something heavy at home to take us out of the game for weeks on end. Then the cumbersome part arises too, which is finding new things to occupy ourselves with in the meantime. Here we are going to show you that being injured does not necessarily mean being completely out of the game. Check out these mat exercises you can do if you are injured.  

Two Different Situations and What to Do

We are going to imagine two case scenarios: One that involves a lower-body injury, such as a knee swelling. The other, an upper-body one. For instance, a rotator cuff injury. What exercises can we do? Let’s dive into the first case.

The Swimmer

If our knee is bad, we can execute core activation exercises such as the Swimmer. It involves laying on the mat on your belly while “tucking” (or should we say “activating”) it, with your legs straight, doing a swimming motion with your arms. Further information can be found here. If it’s too easy, try using very light weights, or increasing the speed of motion.

best exercises to do while injured


Another exercise we can do is the following: Lay on your back, this time with your legs straight, as if you were laying on your bed. This time breathe in a good amount of air while holding it for twenty seconds, and try to “pull” your navel to the mat with the abdominal muscles. Here you will see better how the holding part gets done. These exercises do wonders at strengthening your core, which is useful for any type of discipline.

Upper Body

Now let’s delve into the second situation, where your upper-body is hurt. What you might intuitively think is that we are mostly going to use our legs. Well, you are certainly right.

Leg Raises

There are two key mat exercises that we can do while suffering a torso injury. The first one is leg raises. This maneuver prompts you to lay flat with both arms on the side of your body, facing the ceiling too, but in this one, you are going to raise your legs while activating your core, and then bring them down. Here is how you do it.

Leg Adductions

The second proposed variation for this circumstance is leg adductions. The position starts in the same way, but you want to keep your legs straight, and up. From here, you are going to open your legs while keeping them straight and try to bring them to the original position. This will give you a clearer picture of how to execute it.

Final Thoughts

You can also use your “downtime” to perform things such as myofascial release (a good example is foam rolling) of the muscles, or practicing general joint mobility exercises, excepting the injured one(s).

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