S36 Knee/Elbow Pad Is Back in Stock!

Due to popular demand we have brought back our S/36 elbow/knee pad! Our elbow/knee pads are great to use on their own for a little extra cushioning for knees, elbows and hands or you can place our knee pad on top of one of our S/36 large exercise or fitness equipment mats. Our elbow/knee pad can you used on any joint that needs a little extra cushioning and support. Our S/36 exercise mats are amazing, durable mats for cardio workouts with or without shoes. Our exercise mats are dense and provide stability for intense cardio workouts. But what if you need a little extra comfort and support for your joints? Add the knee pad on top of our exercise mat for some extra squish!

Sore knees? Sore elbows? Sore tailbone? Add a little extra cushioning! Place the S/36 knee pad on top of one of our large exercise mats and then place the knee/elbow pad under your knees, elbows or bum for some extra cushioning. 

Traveling? Pop our S/36 knee pad into your suitcase for a portable pad to take with you! Our knee pad rolls up at 10" high x 5" in diameter, and includes a storage bag and 2 storage straps. So even if you don't have room for a yoga mat or exercise mat you will definitely have the space for your knee pad! Use some water bottles as hand weights and you have a temporary gym in your hotel room!

Get them while quantities last! The perfect accessories to any home gym, living room gym, office gym, bedroom gym, or garage gym, hotel room gym etc. Whether you have a permanent workout space or a temporary workout space the S/36 small knee pad will create the perfect home workout space!

S36 Elbow/Knee Pad