How to Stay Fit While On Holidays: A Short Guide On Holiday Health Tips

The Holidays. The allure of having a bunch of days off work, and getting to eat hearty meals seems to be a wonderful thing. Is it, though? On the other hand, some of us seem to dread these days because we might go on an unexpected food binge. Does it always have to be like this? No! These tips we have for you will set you on the right track to staying healthy.

Is it Actually Hard to Stay Fit While on Holiday?

Let’s ask ourselves some questions first. Do we have the need to deprive ourselves of food to fit into those new jeans? Do we need to hit the gym for days on end to free ourselves from the love handles? No, and no! But, there are still some minor adjustments we can do in order to up the chances of surviving the holiday gluttony. Two concepts will be introduced here: Caloric intake, and strength training. 

Why is calculating calories important? It is because they are a measurement of how much energy we need for functioning. What we really care about is basal calories. What are those? They are the calories we need so as to carry with our bodily functions while resting. How can we calculate these? Very easily, we can use a calculator such as this one. When you eat, you need to make sure you keep around the vicinity of the result. Otherwise, the extra calories are more likely to be stored as fat.

Primary macronutrients also play a relevant role. They are carbohydrates (4 kcal per gram,) proteins (4 kcal per gram,) and fats (9 kcal per gram.) Use these as a reference for caloric intake as well.

Strength Training

How about strength training? That is very influential as well. Here the benefit is two-fold: on one side you get stronger with minimal effort, and on the other one you will burn some of that “extra energy” provided by the extra holiday fuel. Some exercises that can be done will be provided below. Keep on reading!

Three Simple Exercises to Keep Yourself Fit While on Holidays

We will show you three simple exercises that can be done either on a regular-sized mat, a large exercise mat, or even an extra large exercise mat. The exercises are the following:

As a rule of thumb, you want to do these exercises for thirty seconds, with ten seconds of rest between reps. Do this three times, resting for a minute between exercises, approximately. This shouldn’t take longer than fifteen minutes, including the warm-up, and cooldown. Plus, it is an awesome stress reliever! 

Some Things to Watch out For

There are a couple of things you need to be wary of around holiday time:

  • Stress (use exercise or meditation to relieve it)
  • Foods that contain lots of fat (mostly processed goods)
  • Alcohol (it contains empty calories. Proceed with caution)

You Can stay healthy And Fit While on Holiday!

Here we show you that it is possible to stay healthy and fit around the holiday season. As long as you put into use some of these tips, and get some exercise done while eating sensibly, you'll be just fine! S36 has amazing large mats that are super useful for your workouts. You can get them here.

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