How to Start Lifting Weights for Beginners

Lifting weights can seem like an intimidating task, but you can easily organize yourself to get started on your journey to becoming stronger. There are some simple, yet important steps you need to take to have a successful trajectory. This is because many people can easily get discouraged. After all, they have the wrong mindset.

Set Goals

You must establish a reason as to why you are working out. Not only should you find a reason to better yourself physically, if you can find a reason that helps you mentally, but you are also less likely to give up in the long run. Additionally, try to rethink the way you view working out. Instead of thinking of your ideal weight, size, or shape, try thinking of it as something you are doing for your body to feel good, both mentally and physically.

How to Start Lifting Weights for Beginners

Take Baby Steps

You can find plenty of weight lifting and strength training plans for beginners online. It is, however, important that you take it slow. Your first plan does not have to be difficult, it should be something easy and light that only consists of as little as three movements, a couple of times a week, and a small number of sets. You can easily start your journey from the comfort of your home with a cardio mat, weights, and a YouTube video.

Get a Support System

You must find a good support system that knows about your goals and can help reassure you when you are not feeling your best. You can easily find groups on social media and create a community of people who understand where you are coming from and can help you stay motivated. Your support system can be a friend that wants to work out with you or a personal trainer that you hire who can also help you continue to grow your strength.


Try to get as much information about weight lifting as you can online, or through an expert. This will help you understand key terms, such as compound movements, that will lead you to a more successful path. Compound movements, for instance, are exercises that use your muscles together the way they should be used, which leads to you working out the entire muscle group properly.

The Right Equipment

It is important to get the right equipment, set your goals, research, and get someone to work with you. As mentioned, having your goals and a support system in the right direction will help you be much more successful in the long run. Luckily, S36 exercise has the best large exercise mats that will allow you to work out at home as you are just beginning your journey into becoming a stronger person on the inside and out.