How To Motivate Yourself To Workout At Home


Sometimes it's hard to find motivation to workout at home, but here are some simple steps to get you started. Working out at home and be super fun and even easier than hitting a gym or an exercise class. You don't have to commute and you can do it at any time, so aren't restricted to certain time frame that might not fit into your schedule. Follow the list below for simple steps on how to create a great at home workout routine that can be easily followed.

1) Schedule your workout in - write it down in your planner/calendar. Write what workout you are doing and and the time you plan on doing it. Writing things down makes you accountable and makes it more likely that you will complete the task. Make sure that it is a realistic goal, so maybe on Monday 30 minutes is all the time you have as Mondays are usually busy work days for catching up on all the work over the weekend. So schedule it in like you would an important meeting. You can also set an alarm on your phone for even more accountability.

2) Find a workout that you LOVE! Many home streaming platforms have free 7-14 day trials. Try them out and find something you love. Many streaming platforms have new daily or weekend routines. Some great home streaming programs are Tracy Anderson, Apple Fitness +, B The Method, Be Naturally Fit. There are TONS more these are just a few. There are also great free home streaming programs on You Tube. Just type in the kind of fitness you are interested in (pilates, barre, kettle bell workouts, MMA, yoga etc.) You will find so many amazing videos! Do a workout that makes you feel motivated and that you WANT to do. Feeling great about a workout and actually wanting to do it is key!

3) Create a temporary or permanent (if you have the space) workout space. Yes you can workout at home even if you don't have a permanent workout space! There are no excuses to not working out at home. Move that coffee table over in your living room and roll out a S/36 exercise mat and voila you are ready to workout! If you are lucky enough to have a more permanent workout space then roll out a S/36 exercise mat there you go! Your permanent workout space is created!  

4) You don't need any fancy workout equipment to do a home workout. All you really need is a great exercise mat. The S/36 exercise mat is definitely the most important piece of exercise equipment. Unlike foam yoga mat the S/36 mats have a durable top layer so they won't rip apart while preforming workouts with shoes. They are also totally portable so you can roll out one of the smaller sizes in your living room (6'x4' or 6'x6'), or if you are lucky enough to have a designated home gym then grab one of the larger sizes 8'x6', 10'x6' or 12'x6' of the S36 mats one of these larger sizes will give you plenty of room to workout. Some of these streaming programs suggest hand weights or ankle weights. For hand weights just use water bottles, until you are fully committed to the program, then maybe invest in some inexpensive hand weights. If the program suggests ankle weights, try without first. No extra equipment is normally necessary and you can definitely get in a great workout without the extra equipment. Once you have done the program multiple times and want to stick with it consider investing in some fitness equipment and you will gradually build up some portable home gym equipment. 

Soooooo what are you waiting for? You can get started on that home workout today. Grab a mat and try a streaming program! No excuses! You got this!