How To Create A Temporary Home Gym - Small Space Friendly

You don't need a large space or even any fancy fitness equipment or machines to workout at home. Move that coffee table aside and roll out a large exercise mat and voila you have a great temporary workout space! A great mat will protect you floor and provide you with additional cushioning for joints. Use your smart phone, computer or tablet to stream any workout from You Tube, a fitness app or a home fitness streaming platform and there you have it! You are ready to workout at home. 


Just make sure you have a large exercise mat. The S36 exercise mats are the highest quality exercise mats on the market. These mats come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6'x4' to 12'x6'. If you have a smaller workout space the 6'x4' is a great size. This size is double the size of a standard size yoga mat but durable enough for use with or without shoes. 


You really don't need any other equipment! A mat and your own body weight is really all that you need. Try out a variety of streaming programs to find out which program suits your needs and fits within your space. Most home streaming programs are designed for home workouts so you will be able to perform them even in the smallest spaces. You will be surprised how easy it is to workout at home and what little equipment you need!


Here are a few substitutions for typical workout equipment: 
Hand Weights - Water Bottles
Ballet Barre - Chair with a stable back
Jump Rope - Any type of rope
Yoga block - Stack of books or rolled towel


So even if you have a small space you can definitely still workout at home! All you need is a great mat. Roll out your mat in your living room and roll up to store. What a perfect temporary workout space!