Home Workout Essentials

If you exercise at home, you might want to invest in a few simple and fairly inexpensive items that will accelerate the intensity and performance of your workout.

There are a few home workout essentials that are fantastic to use in your living room, basement, or garage. Items such as exercise mats and dumbbells, amongst many others, take up minimal space and have a multitude of ways you can use them.

So get out your notebook or your phone and jot down the following essentials that will level up your workouts!

The Best Exercise Mat

One of the most important essentials you will want to get your hands on is an exercise mat. Rather than working out on your hardwood floors or carpet where you will feel uncomfortable, grab an exercise mat that provides comfort and resistance.

S/36 exercise mats are perfect for at-home workouts. They were created for you to use at home and you do not even have to wear your shoes!

It is a very large mat so you can perform a number of exercises on them, ranging from cardio to conditioning to aerobics. The mat is incredibly functional and a must-have item for your home.


Dumbbells are a staple for any type of workout. All you need is to get two and use them as a pair or individually. They are great for any exercise from cardio to strength training.

Resistance Bands

If you need a versatile tool for exercise, then look no further than a resistance band. 

These can be used for basic movements like squats and lunges or anything else that requires stretching. Resistance bands are incredibly small so you can roll them up and store them somewhere that does not take up too much space.

Jump Rope

Remember when you were a child and you or your friends loved skipping ropes or playing double-dutch?

Well, you probably did not realize it, but using a jump rope is a fantastic exercise. It is one of the best forms of cardio and incredibly inexpensive. 

You can do one skip or even challenge yourself and do two skips for a great fast burn. You will feel the sweat drip down and your heart racing in no time.

Foam Roller

Do not forget to take care of your body when doing your home workouts. In order to get into shape and stay healthy, self-care is very important.

Moving physically at a fast pace or with a lot of intensity takes a toll on your body. So be sure to grab a foam roller for your home. Use these before and after your exercise to stretch and loosen your muscles. Plus, they are really easy to store due to their relatively small size.


A kettlebell is perfect for doing simple and intense workouts.

If you can purchase a kettlebell, it will help you with a lot of resistance-training exercises. Not only that, but they are not too large and can be stored alongside your other home workout essentials.

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