Easy Changes to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

easy changes to live a healthy lifestyle



You don’t have to deprive yourself to live a healthy lifestyle. Just try making a few changes here and there to add in a bit more movement and tweak your meals a bit to add a bit more vegetables. Restricting and limiting yourself won’t work long term. Making simple, easy changes is what is going to last long term. Here are a few ways to easily implement a few healthier changes into your life!

1) Fit in exercise when you can! Walk instead of driving or taking the bus. Carve out an extra few minutes to walk! Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Little changes here and there will add up!

2) try to workout at least a couple times a week. Don’t go deep into everyday, as you might mot have the time or energy yo keep up with this. Start with one day a week! You got this! You don’t need to invest in any expensive fitness equipment. All you need is a great mat. S36 has the best mats on the market and they come in a variety of sizes to fit any space! So whether u have a larger workout space or a small one, they have you covered. Do some free trials of streaming programs to see which one you like. Or even check out some free Tube workouts to get started. Get a quick 30 minute workout in is easier than you think!

3) Add some extra veggies or bring some nuts to snack on instead of chips or candy. Late in the day we all get hungry but switching out those unhealthy snacks for some healthier options is easier than you think!

4) Ok so we all have understand how important that morning coffee is…trust me I don’t know how I would survive the morning without it. But after that coffee stick to water for the rest of the day. You do g need any sugary drinks. They will just give you instant energy that make you crash super hard. So skip any drink other than water. This small change will help reduce your calorie intake and actually give you more consistent energy throughout the day.

5) Make fitness an enjoyable activity. It’s a lifestyle! So instead of grabbing drinks or dinner with friends why not go on a hike, go for a walk, meet for a swim etc. You can make exciting fun with the right company!