Best Home Workout Gear on the Market

Are you shopping around for workout gear you can use when you exercise at home? Are you not sure where to look or what the best options are out there?

There is a variety of home workout gear that is available. Clothing lines like Lululemon and Nike are prime examples of high-quality, durable, and very efficient workout clothes that are perfectly suitable for your at-home exercises.

Below are a few of the multitude of choices currently on the market. So take a look and pick whichever one you think will be great while you exercise on your large workout mats at home.


One of the most popular clothing lines on the market right now is Lululemon. You have probably seen many people wearing it or seen it featured in ads and marketing campaigns. 

Created in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1998, this clothing brand has taken the world by storm. Its intention was to sell comfortable and practical workout gear for doing yoga. 

Now, Lululemon not only sells yoga clothing but all types of comfortable, snug, and athletic clothes that are perfect for you to work out at home.


A clothing brand that is very similar to Lululemon is Athleta. It is specifically geared towards women and young girls.

Athleta also started out as a clothing line for yoga. Their clothes also fall into the trendy category of athleisure wear.

What’s great about Athleta is that not only are they stylish and comfortable, they are also eco-friendly because the clothes are made with sustainable fibers. 


The long-reigning athletic brand, Nike, is still one of the leading choices for home workout gear. They have years of experience in which they have fine-tuned their clothing so it is maximized for high-intensity workouts. 

Their clothes are geared for athletes and those who invest their time in exercise and sport. It serves a wide gamut of clientele from men and women to boys and girls.


If you are willing to dive a bit deeper into your pockets for very high-quality athleisure, Alala is a wonderful brand that will serve your purpose.

They offer fancier workout gear that provides comfort and satisfaction. If you’re willing to pay a little more, then Alala is a great option.

Alo Yoga

Another popular clothing line that was designed for yoga and similar activities is Alo Yoga. 

The clothes are comfortable and are also categorized as leisurewear, the intersection between athletic clothes that are leisurely.

Alo Yoga also has men’s clothing so you might want to check that out too.


Fabletics is an American athleisure brand that was founded in 2013. It is very similar to the other companies listed above in that it provides quality clothing that is perfect for any type of workout including ones that you do in your home or garage.

What is even more fantastic is that Fabletics is very stylish so you can wear them while you’re sweating and your heart is racing or when you are running errands around town.

Exercise Mats 

Use Your New Workout Gear on these Fantastic Exercise Mats. Once you have purchased some trendy new workout gear, it’s time to put them to use!

A wonderful way to start exercise in the new clothing is to get your hands on a cardio mat from S/36S. They specialize in high-quality exercise mats that are perfect for your at-home workouts.

The cardio mat was built for exercising at home or in your garage and it is very easy to roll up and store after use.

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