Best Home Gym Equipment To Bring Your Home Workout To The Next Level

How to bring your home fitness routine to the next level? Women’s Health magazine goes on KTLA to give us some great equipment suggestions that we can implement into our home fitness routine to bring our home workouts to the MAX. Bringing your workout home is easier than you thought, especially with some key pieces of fitness equipment. Check out the segment that aired KTLA News on August 16th, 2021 which provides some more details on these top picks!

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The best exercise mat that they recommend is the S36 exercise mat!

S36 Exercise Mats - Allows you to create a home workout space. Comes in a variety of sizes from 6’x4’, 6’x6' (the more portable options that you can roll out in your living room and easily roll up to store). To larger sizes like the 8’x6’, 10’x6’ and 12’x6’ that are great for leaving out in a more permanent workout space (garage gym or home gym). The mats have a durable vinyl layer so won’t fall apart with intense workouts with shoes. These mats are great for to use with home streaming for any type of workout program (MMA, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga). 

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