10 Minute Yoga Sequence for Office Desk Aches and Pains

This video by yogi Andreea was designed for people who sit at a desk. This yoga sequence will help stretch out your shoulders, neck and center to relax any tight muscles and joints that we develop by leaning over our computers all day. When we sit at a desk we can develop at lot of tension in our neck, shoulders and lower back. This short yoga sequence is designed to help alleviate tension in these areas. Andreea soft voice and relaxing music will enable you to fully relax and escape all the tensions and stress from office life. Take a 10 minute break from you home office or work office space and enjoy and mental and physical release. Just taking a few minutes to let your body stretch and relive any tensions will ultimately make you more production in the long. 

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Roll out your S/36 exercise mat and take a few minutes for yourself during your work day to relieve stress. This will help your posture, lower back and shoulders and mentally prepare you to embrace the remainder of your day!

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Mat: S/36 6'x4' Exercise Mat

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Watch the whole 10 minute video with this link:


Below is a short 1 min clip of the routine:)

Here are some of our favorite moves
Opening up chest - arms bent and level with chest and press back:
Side Stretch:
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Side stretch and opening chest:
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Side Shoulder curl:
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Reaching the sky:
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